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NativeWellness.Life is a monthly publication published by a native-owned company for American Indians and Alaska Natives nationwide.

Its goal is to teach, persuade, and entertain readers about health and wellness. The key to its success is that it focuses on cultural renewal, which includes a proud past that respects elders; and a proud people who honor heritage and nature. It provides a Native American perspective to everything in the magazine, which native readers find refreshing and familiar.

The Native American Wellness Magazine's desire is to emphasize the positive aspects of life, focusing on family, friends, and the community -- key tenets to members of a tribal community.

NativeWellness.Life also informs readers about how to eat healthy, exercise, and lose weight -- measures taken for a wealth of disease prevention programs. It’s easier and more affordable to foster health promotion and disease prevention than to treat costly chronic diseases or face the many deaths in Indian Country due to heart disease, lung disease, unintentional injuries, alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicides.

By NativeWellnessLIfe / info@nativewellness.life