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Keya LLC advertising and media services


Keya LLC is a 100% Native-owned company with a unique and proven Indigenous approach to marketing and advertising. It’s all we do. Over the years, we’ve perfected strategies that work — that reach and engage Native Americans and Alaska Natives.

What makes prevention campaigns successful is outreach through marketing and advertising that educates our Indigenous people. That includes alcohol and drug abuse, diabetes prevention, Native nutrition, tobacco cessation, public health, suicide prevention, PTSD treatment, food sovereignty, holistic medicine, vaping prevention and more.

Sadly, getting any message to Indigenous people is something federal, state, nontribal, nonprofits — even many tribes — have failed to figure out.

Nationwide, one in four Native people live in poverty, including one in three in many reservation communities. People in Indian Country focus on food and shelter, plain and simple. Many don’t have the means to access the internet or cellphone service.

Fifty-nine percent of people who receive help from the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations don’t have home internet service, the Agriculture Department reports. And 50% of students in tribal colleges, considered high-end users, also don’t have home internet service.

Those incredible stats show the vast digital divide Native people must endure.

We’ve worked hard to learn how to help bridge that unjust divide. To successfully reach Indigenous people, we use a proven multi-pronged approach — print products, internet, and social media. That helped Keya LLC evolve to provide services with a proven and comprehensive marketing mix. We get our message out using a blend of print, television, social media and web advertising.

The bottom line: We tailor our approach and message to meet our clients' and their audiences' specific needs and resources.

Here’s an example of our work.

Anti-vaping campaign

The client was The Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council in Billings, Mont. Sonay Bigleggins, the group’s Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country grant manager, hired us to spearhead a vaping campaign. We called it the “Be Smart, Don’t Start” anti-vaping campaign to target Native reservations and urban youth in Montana. The campaign included peer-to-peer communication and tapped into the strengths of the people with the most influence over high schoolers—peers, parents, elders, and teachers. The campaign to reach them included television and internet commercials, print magazine ads and stories, posters with QR codes, social media, and more.

TV commercials

The campaign showed positive Native youth role models talking about the dangera of vaping. The public service announcement ran on five major Montana television stations, for free. It aired 1,806 times and reached tens of thousands of households statewide. Most were adults and elders, since many youth today watch little television, stats show. Surprisingly, Paramount+ in Montana aired one of the commercials during the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show. While unexpected, it reached an estimated audience of 300,000 Montana viewers. See our commercials by clicking on Keya commercials.

Digital commercials

The digital version of the anti-vaping commercials aired on the KTVQ “Indian Country” website, receiving thousands of weekly hits.

YouTube. From Jan. 1, 2024, to Jan. 31, 2024, the videos got 229,356 views.

Poster campaign

Poster with QR codes: We used the same models to distribute colorful posters to schools across Montana. Posters had QR codes that linked people to the videos of the students on the poster. Poster subjects “came alive in videos.” Educators went nuts over the product. Many schools invited The Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council to do anti-vaping presentations in their schools — a first for the council.


Our print magazine, NativeWellness.Life, published three stories on the dangers of vaping, alongside paid advertising that included youth posters with QR codes. While it’s true that many youths don’t read print magazines, many parents and elders do. The magazine has an estimated readership in Montana of 30,000 readers.

Nurse association: The campaign caught the staff's attention at the National Association of School Nurses weekly digest, which included the vaping prevention campaign. It reached an estimated 56,005 nurses, many of whom want to adopt the campaign for training and education.

What Keya LLC offers

We offer many services, paying special attention to the specific needs of Native people. This includes television, digital, print, electronic, Native radio, social media, the internet, posters, billboards, signs, text apps, and QR codes. More importantly, we analyze our target audience first to provide our clients with the most cost-effective way to reach them. We work within your budget, no matter the size.

Our pledge

We’ll design a campaign sure to get the attention of your Native audience. Our message will be positive and sensitive to their culture and heritage. That defines us. It’s our specialty and something no other ad agency can offer.


Connect with your Native American communities by advertising your service or product in our Native American Wellness magazine.

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