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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know this information is accurate?

A: Managing editor and co-owner Orville Desjarlais has been a journalist since 1984. He always attributes his sources either in the story or at the end. He claims he’s not the expert, just the storyteller. Many of his sources are from research papers, articles from other news sources, and interviews. He started out as a journalist for the Air Force. He worked for six newspapers around the globe, before eventually becoming the assistant editor of Airman magazine for the Secretary of the Air Force. Upon retirement after 23 years of service, he worked on two magazines for the U.S. Special Forces before eventually quitting so he could launch this publication with his sister.

Q: Who designs it?

A: Debbie Desjarlais is the publication’s designer. She’s worked with 3M and Estee Lauder as a designer before eventually deciding to start her own business, Debbie Desjarlais Designs. The brother-sister team became partners in 2019 to start Keya LLC, a company that created this Native American Wellness magazine. They’ve been publishing this magazine for a year.

Q: How’s it like working as a brother-sister team?

A: Their number one priority is to have fun. Orville likes writing, and Debbie loves designing, so that’s baked in. The challenge is making the stories exciting and visual. Debbie has a hard time finding art and photos because very few images depict American Indians doing everyday things. Many times, they have to create their own visuals to go along with the stories, which is sometimes a challenge.

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